Aanand Kainth

My name is Aanand.

I create and work with a myriad of technology stacks; from complex back-end systems serving millions of customers simultaneously to beautiful, streamlined apps. In many years of work as a software engineer I have designed many systems that help students connect, learn, and succeed.

Work Experience


Fellow, MLH

Worked on BentoML, a high-performance machine-learning model server. Eliminated all warnings from tests in master, and ideated and executed one of the project's largest refactors that halved the amount of code required for a typical contribution.


API Intern, Plume

Upgraded the network operations center to ECMAScript6, improved its accessibility, and halved its load times. Kicked off the migration from AngularJS 1.x to Angular 8, and added support for dynamic CORS headers to microservices.


Instructor, Tutorfly

Taught web development skills to a class of elementary, middle, and high school students, covering the complete process of creating a well-built, accessible website.



Jack Baskin School of Engineering, UC Santa Cruz

Studying Computer Science at UC Santa Cruz and expecting to graduate in 2024.


Lynbrook High School

Took 6 AP courses, became co-president of the web development club, co-founded the machine learning club, and was a part of service organizations like Link Crew

My Work

A collection of my open source work


Concept is a natural language analysis tool geared towards students doing creative writing. It is powered by the Google Natural Language API.

Over the course of 2020 I added support for using Rust installed on the Windows Subsystem for Linux to the Rust plugin for IntelliJ IDEA and CLion.

IntelliJ Rust WSL Support


In my senior year of high school, I wrote Ambient so that I could use IntelliJ to submit my coursework instead of Eclipse. It supports downloading assignments and submitting to WebCAT servers.